Federally Chartered 1959

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How Is It Organized?

Board of Directors
The business affairs of the Credit Union are directed by the Board of Directors, which is composed of nine members; the President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, and six directors. The Board of Directors meet at least once a month to discuss and keep current with the problems and operations of the Credit Union. Credit Union policies may be set or changed at these meetings, although the policies acted upon must be within the limitations of federal regulations. The Board is elected by the members at the annual meeting for terms of two years. Members of the Board of Directors are not paid for their services.

Supervisory Committee
The Supervisory Committee, consisting of at least four members, is appointed yearly by the Board of Directors from the Credit Union membership. The duties of the Supervisory Committee include auditing the Credit Union Records, verifying members' accounts, and checking to see that federal regulations and Board policies are being carried out. The members of the Supervisory Committee receive no pay but may hire professional assistance to aid them in accomplishing their tasks.

Credit Committee
The Credit Committee is composed of seven members. The group is also elected by the members at the annual meeting and serves two year terms. It is the responsibility of the Credit Committee to review loan applications. Credit Committee members are not paid for their services. The Committee may appoint Loan Officers and delegate to them certain Committee's duties.

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