Federally Chartered 1959

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Important Operating Policies

1. Withdrawal of shares may be requested by telephone or in person within the following provisions:

a. Over the counter cash withdrawals of $500 or less may be made anytime during business hours. Cash cannot be disbursed to persons other than the member listed as the share holder or a designated joint tenant.

b. Requests for check amounts more then $500 should be telephoned in 1 hour prior to pickup.

c. Requests for withdrawal of Christmas shares before November maturity are not allowed except in case of emergency. In the event of a non-emergency withdrawal, a substantial penalty will be charged.

d. Dividends on shares are declared quarterly and are paid on the average daily balance and compound quarterly.

2. Unsecured loans may be made to members equal to their gross monthly salary. Members employed more than three years may qualify for a higher amount. Open-end line of credit loans may be available to members who qualify.

3. Many types of secured loans are offered: Real Estate, new and used vehicles, small tractors, riding lawn mowers, boats, personal computers, and shared secured are a few of the type loans that the credit union offers. Terms and interest rates are very competitive and in many cases, far better than other financial institutions.

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