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Rose City Federal Credit Union offers electronic delivery of statements and other member related materials. This service is a more efficient and convenient way for you to receive documents that are currently printed and mailed.

As an eDelivery subscriber, you will be notified by e-mail when member related materials become available on the secured-documents hosting website. For security purposes, the notification e-mail will not contain any of your personal identifying information nor any hyperlinks that redirect you to another website.

As an e-Delivery subscriber, you will be able to simply login to the secured-documents hosting website, click on the eDocuments link, and click on the documents you wish to view.

  The Benefits of e-Delivery!
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Go Green
  • More Timely
  • Member related materials are delivered sooner than paper copies and you can view the documents from any computer with an Internet connection
  • Reduce the Paper Filing
  • Member related materials are stored online for 3-12 months and, if you wish, you can save the documents to your computer for personal record retention.
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Electronic delivery of member related materials save paper and other natural resources.
  • Cost Effective
Both you and Rose City Federal Credit Union can benefit from the cost savings associated to the paper, envelopes and manpower associated to the traditional delivery of member related materials.
You Can Receive Any of These Documents:
Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Account Statements,Transaction Confirmation Receipts,Transaction and Advisory Notices,Newsletters,Periodic Tax Forms