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A $50.00 minimum deposit is required to open a share draft account. The Credit Union offers a Standard Share Draft Account along with Overdraft Protection Plans. New accounts are verified through Equifax Credit Bureau and credit lines are approved based on that information and verification of income.

I-Branch is the Internet Online Banking system. In I-Branch members can check balances, make transfers, view cleared drafts, pay bills, and request withdrawals. Members can reorder checks through a link to www.deluxe.com in I-Branch. I-Branch can be reached through our website, www.rosecityfcu.com.

I-Mobile can now be used to access your account on the go. Use the same login and password as I-Branch.

Telephone transfers can be made between Credit Union accounts by authorized parties using the Auto Response Teller (ART) 229-226-1278 or by contacting the Credit Union office.

Direct Deposit/net check deposits are offered through many Credit Union agencies as well as pre-authorized drafts such as insurance premiums, YMCA payments, etc.

Two FREE Prepaid Travel VISA cards are available for share draft account holders per year, $5 for each thereafter.

"FREE" VISA Debit/ATM cards are available to qualified members. The normal daily limit for the ATM card is $500 and the Debit/POS card limit is normally $1000 per day. These limits are subject to increase or decrease based on the account activity. for security reasons foreign transactions are not available with the ATM/Debit card. VISA travel cards are provided and recommended for international transactions.

Internet or reoccurring payment transactions using debit cards are not recommended due to minimal member dispute rights with merchants and the potential for fraud.

Easy record-keeping can be achieved with carbonless copies of each check you write. An exact record of all transactions is kept; therefore your original checks are not returned to you. Copies of cleared checks can be accessed through I-Branch or can be provided upon request for a fee.

Share draft statements are generated as of the last working day of each month. Statements are mailed or e-mailed each month. Combined account statements are produced each quarter end period with all other account transaction activity reported.


Share Draft Maintenanct Fee: $2.00  
Returned Checks: $25.00  
Returned Deposit Item: $5.00  
Stop Payments: $15.00  
Overdraft Share Transfers: $6.00  
- per $50.00 overdraft transfer, after 6 per month $12.00  
Overdraft Loan Transfer: $12.00  
- per $100 overdraft transfer, limited to established line-of-credit    
Draft copy (Microfilm of cleared check): $2.00  
Statement Reproduction: pick up $2.00  
(Free with I-Branch) mailed $4.00  
Statement Reconciliation: $10.00  
- First hour, $5.00 each additional hour.    

For new share draft orders (checks) members pay the actual cost of their drafts, unless a special promotion is offered. This printing charge will be deducted from the share draft account automatically. The Credit Union places no additional charges on drafts and therefore asks that all checks be purchased through this office. Members are not charged sales tax on orders made through the Credit Union share draft program.

Counter checks will be issued in an emergency situation, such as a loss of drafts, delay in receiving printed drafts on order, or similar situations. Repeated requests for counter checks in lieu of ordering checks will be reason for denial of such service.

ATM fees: Five FREE ATM transactions per month are provided. A surcharge may be assessed by other ATM machine owners. A fee of $1.00 per transaction will be assessed by the Credit Union for ATM transactions in excess of five per month. This fee will be in addition to any fees assessed by the ATM owner.

Making withdrawals from share accounts (not share draft accounts) via the ATM could result in additional fees being assessed if withdrawals or transfers are made. See Rate and Fee Schedule for share and share draft accounts.

Stop Payments: Members may request that payment of a check be stopped by providing notification to the Credit Union personally or by telephone. At the risk and written request of the member, the Credit Union shall, without responsibility on its part so far as it may lawfully limit its liability, accept a Stop Payment order on the share draft account. A service charge in the amount reflected in the Schedule of Fees may be assessed for each stop payment occurrence. Stop payments cannot be authorized on debit card transactions.

A member's account may be closed by giving a five (5) day notice through certified mail that on the sixth (6) day of the letter the account will be closed and all incoming checks will be returned on the closed account. A check will be sent to the member's last mailing address for the balance in the share draft account being closed after all fees and charges are deducted. Unused share drafts must be turned in or a $10.00 fee will be assessed against the account.

Inactive share draft accounts are subject to being closed after being closed after being inactive for six (6) consecutive months. The letter / notice must include the following information:

  • Length of inactive period, and negative balance due, if any.
  • Any amount transferred from savings to cover any deficiency in the draft account.
  • Share draft account will be closed after five (5) working days from the notice, unless there is activity in the account within the five (5) day period.

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